Eiffelgres adds emotion and desire to its surfaces. A statement of intent that makes it one of those companies that manage to combine quality design with poetics and a focus on the environment. Eiffelgres is capable of interpreting and creating floor and wall coverings which follow the movements of light, at all angles, from direct to grazing, revealing all the details.

Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaics for interior and exterior decoration. Over the past few years, the company has extended its decorative offerings with new materials made through processes that combine the value of design with the charm of craftsmanship.

Technological innovation, dynamism, product research, a passion for design and working in partnership with builders and designers: for over forty years Cerdomus has projected made in Italy style and quality on the international markets. Cerdomus is a leading producer of vitrified stoneware tiles whose manufacturing expertise and consolidated technological know-how make it a company capable of setting trends in contemporary interior design.

Designed on the basis of a vast range of colours with a complementary and versatile variety of different shapes and special pieces, Tonalite products underline a concept of design in which the material is seen as instrumental to free creation of spaces.

Creativity, determination, enthusiasm and professionalism have enabled QC to achieve their aim: to create the evolution of a ceramic concept comprising tradition, elegance and aesthetic appeal. The hallmarks of QC products have always been the four elements of Material, Structure, Form and Colour.

The outstanding technical performance dedicated to aesthetics characterise Ceramica Vogue products, giving rise to a wide range of tile collections designed to furnish interiors and exteriors with innovative solutions, suitable for private spaces but also ideal for public places..

Ornamenta is absolutely passionate about our challenge: to look at ceramics in a new way approaching products by considering them no longer tiles but or a part of a coordinated project that combines design with art and architecture to make products more suitable to domestic and commercial spaces.

The sunbreaks have been used for centuries to protect openings or parts of buildings to limit the damage of sun rays, and to create light effects, and to limit the view from the outside of a building.

Decoratori Bassanesi was founded in 1988 and is positioned immediately on the market as a brand that represents the values of artistic decoration in the field of handmade ceramic coating.

Excellence, innovation, enthusiasm, aesthetics, competency and reliability: these are the founding values of Lea Ceramiche, which designs and produces floor and wall ceramics for all kinds of settings.High quality products which lie at the top end of the market.

Ongoing research on color, attention to the use of selected raw materials, make CE.SI. an internationally recognized leader in the production of glazed porcelain tiles for floors and walls. The variety of colors sizes and finishes, gives designers the ability to create endless combinations and solutions.

Devon&Devon, has an utmost attention and care in order produce master-pieces and use of high quality and reliable raw material ensures the authenticity of the same. Their designs and concepts are inspired with the traditional having essence of consistency and originality.

In 50 years of ceramic tradition, Fioranese have built a business based on creativity, intelligence and spirit of renewal which today is the heart and soul of a dynamic Italian company.

The main ingredient for the success of Lithos Design is obviously stone. Indeed, the Company chose to work only with natural stone, and in particular with limestones, sandstones and marbles, and does not use
agglomerates and manufactured or synthetic stones.

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