Massimo graduate in Architecture (Urban Planning) at the University of Venice on February, 1995, starting immediately his career as designer and Project Manager.

During the University he has been in charge of organising conferences on urban planning and restoration and of the coordination for the up-to-date training programme of teachers and instructors at the Italian National Trust in Treviso, Italy

In the 1998 he has been appointed as Consultant in the Company Cotto D’Este in the Interior Design Department, experience which gives him the possibility to be deeply involved in the field of the Architectural ceramics and surfaces which will became his main filed of action in the future.

After several experience in Palermo mainly in the hospitality interior design field, he has been involved as Consultant for the Biennale Di Venezia, one of the most important international Art exhibition, as manager and coordinator for the Italian pavilion and external areas.

From 2000 to 2002 he has been in charge with Benetton Group as Interior Designer and store planner for the coordination of the new Concept Store and the management of the roll-out for the worldwide Boutiques.

The experience in the retail design field has continued trough Salvatore Ferragamo from 2002 till 2004, giving him the possibility of being involving into luxury Projects, coordinating the tenders and furniture specifications book.

From Europe till Far East Areas he has been in charge for the management of the Projects from valuing the new location, supervisor of the architectural layout and merchandising, control of the budget, coordinator of the suppliers and chief manager of the building sites.

On January 2005 Massimo decided to join the 50’s years old business family Company Nicoletti based in Palermo and specialized in research, purchasing and sales of high quality wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary wares and related accessories.

Thanks to his luxury and international new touch the Company became immediately the main landmark for the refurbishment of the historic Architecture of Sicily.

Massimo and Lara’ s profiles became perfectly complimentary after their first knowledge in Salvatore Ferragamo, so they open Materia Italian Details together giving a new and fresh approach to the Italian quality of the Architectural Surfaces in the United Arab Emirates.

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