Materia Italian Details - Building 5 - Office A206 - Dubai Design District d3 -


ORNAMENTA - operae

Decorate the walls with exotic prints and stylized textures with plant motifs that nod to the 1950s design. The vertical green of nature in its different tones and shades of color as an anti-stress to the daily frenzy.

Operae marks the entrance of Ornamenta in the world of large slabs. It is a program to create unique artworks by using the latest ceramic technologies. Ornamenta produces works that are synonymous of italian craftsmanship combined with the highest level of digital technology. Customization as a strategic driver to stand out on the global market and offer tailor-made products to serve the project world.

You can choose the theme you prefer by selecting it within the wide range proposed or alternatively you can send to Ornamenta your work to be made to measure. A digital fabrication to allow anyone, anywhere, to create their own slabs. Close to customer as possible.