02.september 2019  

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MOAB 80 - Industrial line

The Japanese word - wabi - expresses the idea of beauty in an understated form: "beauty as hidden form, the quality of subtle refinement masked by rustic simplicity". These words sum up the aesthetic canon of this line of products, whose subtle neo-industrial atmospheres appear spartan but are really sophisticatedly luxurious.

Steel painted washbasins, light tops of pierced sheet-metal, re-used and bleached wood. These are the components of this new family of products which bears an industrial stamp both in the nature of its chosen materials and in their fashioning. A contemporary interpretation of chic informal stylishness reflecting low tech options that aim for lightness and simplicity.

Friendly objects which, in the simplicity of their revealed function, give the environment which hosts them a precise identify: that of the "sea-urchin"!