01.june 2019 

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BISAZZA - cement tiles

Bisazza Contemporary Cement Tiles is a a new line featuring a contemporary interpretation of traditional cement tiles typically used in the palaces and mansions of nobility and the privileged classes, in Europe, during the second half of the 1800s and early 1900s.

The vast collection is designed to communicate the decorative style of the past and present through expressive artistic language that reveals the creative genius of each of the project designers: Paola Navone, Jaime Hayon, India Mahdavi, Tom Dixon, David Rockwell, Carlo Dal Bianco, Fernando e Humberto Campana.

Made entirely by hand and available in two formats – 20x20cm square or 20x23cm hexagonal – each tile is unprecedented and unique. Attentive craftsmanship adds allure and personality to the collection, which features a rich palette of colors and the sumptuous wealth of contemporary and classic graphic motifs that lend a bold, modern expressive identity to the products.