03.september 2019 

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ANTONIO LUPI - albume 

Albume is the freestanding washbasin designed by Carlo Colombo that alternates between a solid base that expresses strength and a transparent and colored basin that leaves water as the protagonist.

The transparent resin Cristalmood allows to create the basin of the sink, available in two different shapes that define a more slender image or on the contrary softer and welcoming. The refined color contrasts between the upper part and the infinite variations of the marble used for the base allow you to customize the sink and give a specific character to the whole.

Precisely in this sense, Albume fits perfectly into refined bathrooms, in which its materials harmonize with the surfaces and other elements of the composition of the space. The base made in Bianco Carrara or Nero Marquinia marble to give more elegance and prestige to a project and to dialogue with walls, floors or work surfaces.