04.may 2019 

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CASA DOLCE CASA - stones & more 2.0

 Stones&More  tell a story of renewed grace through fine porcelain stoneware surfaces with profoundly different graphic versions where the common thread is the same philosophy of elegance. 


A harmonious sobriety in line with the Casa dolce casa philosophy accompanies the gaze on the discrete and perfect architecture to breathe life into environments permeated with the balanced synthesis of crafting skill and industrial capacity. The play on the contrasts between tradition and modernism creates an atmosphere suspended between memory and future. The structure and full body of the finishes enhance the space with popular details.

The eclectic and refined spirit of Stones&More 2.0 is expressed through the harmony of elegant material suggestions, smooth and reflective surfaces, to meet both the visual and tactile needs. 

Stones&More 2.0 also narrates its refined naturalness in the Florim Magnum Oversize project, where the large size surfaces are an invitation to enter and share the emotion of an even more enchanting dimension.

Stones&More 2.0 is recommended for floor and wall applications in residential settings, but also for medium-high traffic applications.