03.april 2019 

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DEVON & DEVON - admiral 

Devon&Devon interprets the Pantone color of the year, Living Coral, with a touch of sophistication and innate glamour. Vibrant and bright, this retro shade, at the same time effervescent, is able to give light and personality to any room.

This is how the Living Coral versions of the Samoa wallpaper and the Admiral bath came about. The latter, an iconic Devon&Devon piece, is enchanting in the submarine setting shown here, with strictly white Eagle feet and Coventry taps. It is a colour that conveys the desire to play, along with lightness, a response to the innate need for optimism and “authentic experiences that create connection and intimacy”.

The new color joins the “Colors Collection”, the palette of over 500 shades selected to personalise the brand's collections with style.