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Founded in 1982 and made in Italy, CP Parquet still has a deep-rooted feeling for the culture of woodworking and design, expressing their passion for products by applying particular and strenuous care to details. 

CP Parquet flooring is made of real wood from top to bottom so that it will last a lifetime. Over 20 years experience in creating two or three layer wooden floorboards    and constant research to ensure selection of the most stable and sturdy wood species and top quality processing that observes drying time, stabilization and varnishing. It provides wood with a 5 mm extra thick top layer to be more resistant  to use and wear.

Being environmentally friendly choosing fully recyclable products creates with   renewable resources that are carefully processed to protect humans and nature. 


 Teak Burma - Select Brushed Varnished Natur


Natura Collection

Oak - European Select/Rustic Bianco Perla Varnished Grigio Tannino


Mosaic Collection

European Walnut - Natur Brushed Varnished


Spina Ungherese Collection

Teak Burma - Burma Brushed and Oiled. Fiesole


Quadrotte Collection

 Oak Inlay - European Select Brushed Oiled Bianco


Sesto Senso Collection


 Original Parquet, founded in 1994 by President Roberto Ballardini, is a Company that, for its unique style and its productive force is on the market among the European leaders in the production of wooden flooring of high quality and typically Italian design.

 All Original Parquet products are fully tested in each phase in their own laboratories;   this is the guarantee of the maximum quality control to assign the various certifications and the "Made in Italy" to the products. The internal workers and collaborators have great versatility and technical knowledge that, together with the Italian craftsmanship and creativity, allows the company to offer safe products for private spaces with specific treatments for places with a high traffic flow.


Wooden Fabrics

The idea of the collection “Wooden Fabrics” comes from the craftsmanship handed down over time, combined with continuous research and development of modern technologies. Each product is a work of haute couture; the wooden floor is packed like a tailored suit, sewn and finished by hand to give it an elegance and an identity that make it absolutely unique. The textures of the wood merge with the geometry of the fabrics creating products that are the symbol of Italian tradition made of craftsmanship and style culture, recognized in every corner of the world, in the field of fashion.


From the name of the French seamstress Georgette de la Plante who created it, Georgette is a very fine and light fabric, a bit rough texture and typically made using silk, sometimes also in wool or synthetic fibers. The collection includes a single color variant, in wood tones that we find only in nature, using the darkened Oak in various tones through an artificial oxidation process. Worked in inlays, Georgette is composed by many individual wooden pieces artfully cut, treated and installed on a 80×97 cm. size engineering panel to go to dress in a simple and fast way the floors or walls of any room.

Pied de Poule

This is made by a sophisticated Oak coloring technique: after this delicate phase, every single plank is treated with a transparent and matte coating that makes the design perfectly protected and ready to every kind of footstep. With this technique, the design    can be reduced to a texture so small that it can replicate the original fabric tapestry.

Principe di Galles

This particular and fascinating fabric takes its name to the King that made it famous, namely Edward VIII of England, known worldwide for its unique dandy style reflected equally in life and in his way of dressing. One of the characteristics of the fabric is the armor named “Batavia”; the fabric, in fact, is the same both on the obverse that on the reverse with diagonal effect. Completely with inlays, Prince of Wales is composed by      many individual pieces of wood artfully cut, treated and installed on an engineering        panel of 100×100 cm size. to go to dress in a simple and fast way the floors or the        walls of any environment.


The Quilt is a fabric made with an ancient and original technique comes from recycled fabrics, like any remnants or scraps obtained by the rehashing of the dress, and are very useful to realize delicious blankets.The Quilt includes a single color variant, in natural wood tones, using the darkened Oak in various tones through an artificial oxidation process. With inlays, Quilt is composed of many individual wood pieces artfully cut, pre-finished and installed on site for floor or covering with an elegant and handcrafted flavor.


Ravaioli manufactures and offers high quality wood solutions. Specialized in decking, the company provides a complete production related to materials for floors, decks and exterior wood cladding.

What makes the Brand stand out from other brands is their commitment to sustainability by doing what is best for the environment. They perform these actions by using raw materials from FSC certified forests, derivatives from renewable natural resources and using efficient solutions for saving energy.


Flooring and Decking 

Imported unfinished or semi-finished, Ravaioli planks are treated in the company’s factory. In particular, they are subjected to processes of cutting, milling or planning according to the customer’s specifications.

 All of the planks are available with a smooth or ribbed visible finish, based on             aesthetic preferences.