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Rubinetterie Stella established in 1882,



In 1882 Pietro Stella began the slow process of industrialisation towards an organised company model, one characterised by technological product expertise and focused on developing partnerships with major industrial firms. As such, in that very year, on Lake Orta or in Careggio to be more precise, the Stella company was born, specialising in the production of articles in bronze: candlesticks, pasta cutters, corkscrews and taps. All these products were linked by innovative thinking, a meticulous attention-to-detail and immense physical beauty, almost like small ‘jewels’ or ‘works of art’ in terms of national and European production. With one eye always on the Luxury Hotel market, Stella witnessed an unprecedented upsurge in the demand for taps for new constructions and renovations. A pleasing thought is that this often happens when a tap transcends the barriers of time and becomes an icon, with the result that it becomes more desirable still. Indeed, from the moment in which Stella taps achieved icon status in terms of luxury, beauty and functionality, they have been selected time and time again for inclusion in some of the most prestigious hotels in Italy, Europe and beyond. The best hotels in Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Paris, Monaco, Moscow, Kenya, Rabat and Jeddah have all chosen to adopt ‘una Stella in piu’(‘an additional star’!), by adorning their rooms and suites with items from the Stella portfolio. 


Three Historical collections from the 20th

1922 Italica, one standard-setter in luxury taps, it is most certainly the Italica collection. Created way back in the early twentieth century, it was Stella’s first major success.

1926 Roma collection has never been out of production since 1926. Perfectly at home in the most modern settings, the Roma is still today the “tap” par excellence.

1929 Eccelsa, eclectic tap, its particular shape requires rare planning and manufacturing skills. Originally created in the Cubist period, it adapts perfectly to contemporary settings, as only objects of the finest design can do.

Worldwide hotel references

For the sophisticated guests of the world’s top hotels, the bathroom needs to be the purest expression of beauty, luxury and intimacy. For the directors of these hotels, the taps need to be reliable, solid and functional. This is what has made Stella a historic partner of the top international hospitality sector.

Hotel du Louvre, Ritz  Paris, Costes, Grand Hotel de Milan, Villa D'Este, Carlton Hotel Milan are some of the 5 stars Hotel where Stella taps has been selected to make the difference ! 


 Turn your Tap in a Jewel for your bathroom!

Taps can be customised on demand with Hard Stones

"A creator is so completely contemporary that he has the appearance of being ahead of his generation"

Geltrude Steiner

There are daring decisions are behind every Stella range: trends come and go, but Stella products are inimitable and their  beauty and quality will leave on. 


Three-hole washbasin mixer, low spout

Eccelsa collection


Bath and shower mixer for deck mounting with hand spray head with low telephone-type cradle and 125 cm flexible shower hose. Hand spray head’s handle is made of fine porcelain Limoges.

Eccelsa collection


Bath and shower mixer for deck mounting with hand spray head with low telephone-type cradle and 125 cm flexible shower hose. Hand spray head’s handle is made of Flower Malachite hard stone.

Eccelsa collection


Three-hole washbasin mixer low spout. Ceramic headwork 180°

Casanova collection


Single hole washbasin mixer, low spout

Bamboo collection


Single-lever mixer

Firenze collection