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CEA DESIGN - ziqq, copper finish

A faucet range in stainless steel AISI 316L available with progressive, dual handle and thermostatic mixers. A modern reinterpretation of the three-lobed handle, ZIQQ evokes the stepped constructions of the ancient Mesopotamian temples known as ZIQQURAT, symbol of communication between heaven and earth. With its linear but dynamic design, ZIQQ is characterized by its asymmetry and variable section.

The spouts for washbasin and bidet are equipped with water-saving aerators of 5 l/min, which can be replaced by aerators of 3.8 l/min or 1.9 l/min (indicated in the spare parts sheet), should a LEED certification be required. All water-saving aerators are indicated with the icon showing one single drop. The spouts for tub filling are equipped with a flow straightener without flow restriction, indicated below by the icon showing three drops.

A wide choice of remote controls and shower sets allows an infinite combination with the FREE IDEAS components.

All the products of the ZIQQ collection are available in satin and polished finish and in all CEA’s special finishes guaranteeing an ecological and biocompatible solution. ZIQQ can also be personalized with handles in 4 different WOOD ESSENCES available in satin, polished and Black Diamond finish. These taps are completed with the ZIQQ accessory range.