The aim of Floor Gres is to create products that combine research, innovation and design, to provide architects and professionals with solutions that provide a seamless fit with the most diverse design requirements. Floor Gres offers materials and surfaces that guarantee long life and superior technical performance.

Rex is the brand that epitomises elegance and beauty and draws its inspiration from natural and precious materials (leather, horn, wood, marble and stone); coordinated floors and wall tiles where surfaces interact to generate a new language of living.

Casamood is a project based on coordinated colours and surfaces combining porcelain stoneware with different materials.
The place of installation is seen as a harmonic environment in which the atmospheres of architectural design combine with interior decoration to create new relations

Cerim products are ideal for the designing of residential and commercial premises: original and functional, they guarantee a researched design and high technical performances.
The study of architectural trends for interiors and the attention to the new design ideas, have allowed the design and realization of tiles suitable for all rooms and space.

Tradition, the artisan spirit and modern language characterize the aesthetic choices of a project that expresses its creative potential through simple and malleable material with genuine and immediate class.

Marca Corona has been producing top quality ceramic flooring and wall tiles since 1741. They combine extraordinary technical performances with the typical style and elegance of the best “Made in Italy” products. Marca Corona ceramics are suitable for both residential and commercial areas, for private customers, planners and designers who are looking for that exclusive touch.

Eiffelgres adds emotion and desire to its surfaces. A statement of intent that makes it one of those companies that manage to combine quality design with poetics and a focus on the environment. Eiffelgres is capable of interpreting and creating floor and wall coverings which follow the movements of light, at all angles, from direct to grazing, revealing all the details.

Designed on the basis of a vast range of colours with a complementary and versatile variety of different shapes and special pieces, Tonalite products underline a concept of design in which the material is seen as instrumental to free creation of spaces, and ceramic becomes a medium through which the designer and the design are expressed beyond the limitations of the idea, encouraging originality.

Creativity, determination, enthusiasm and professionalism have enabled QC to achieve their aim: to create the evolution of a ceramic concept comprising tradition, elegance and aesthetic appeal. The hallmarks of QC products have always been the four elements of Material, Structure, Form and Colour.

14oraitaliana was created to give different answers for those looking for alternative aesthetic solutions to traditional tiles. Products stand out for their strong originality and represent an interesting way to interpret contemporary signs: heterogeneous, versatile, fun and sometimes extravagant materials.

The outstanding technical performance dedicated to aesthetics characterise Ceramica Vogue products, giving rise to a wide range of tile collections designed to furnish interiors and exteriors with innovative solutions, suitable for private spaces but also ideal for public places.. 

We are absolutely passionate about our challenge: to look at ceramics in a new way approaching products by considering them no longer tiles but or a part of a coordinated project that combines design with art and architecture to make products more suitable to domestic and commercial spaces.

The strong character of the diamond tile has allowed Etruria design to bring the ceramic element into the future, with increasingly decorative collections in an original expression of “Made in Italy” design that can create added value when covering surfaces, and update the décor in a totally creative and personalized experience.

The sunbreaks have been used for centuries to protect openings or parts of buildings to limit the damage of sun rays, and to create light effects, and to limit the view from the outside of a building. These can be produced either to have a natural effect, or varnished, terracotta or stoneware. 

The Cedit ceramic proposals, all strictly “Made in Italy”, are the invaluable outcome of an intense dialogue between craftsmanship and technology, which is also defined through a poetic expressiveness of great impact; these brand-new and brilliant interpretations of the material offer a new idea of architectural space.

Decoratori Bassanesi was founded in 1988 and is positioned immediately on the market as a brand that represents the values of artistic decoration in the field of handmade ceramic coating: the craftsmanship of the decoration produces ceramic modules actually perceived as unique pieces that help create surfaces of great luxury and decorative richness.

Excellence, innovation, enthusiasm, aesthetics, competency and reliability: these are the founding values of Lea Ceramiche, which designs and produces floor and wall ceramics for all kinds of settings. High quality products which lie at the top end of the market in terms of excellent technical performance and design qualities.

Ongoing research on color, attention to the use of selected raw materials, make CE.SI. an internationally recognized leader in the production of glazed porcelain tiles for floors and walls. The variety of colors sizes and finishes, gives designers the ability to create endless combinations and solutions.

Saloni Ceramica offers innovative, well designed, quality products, in line with market demands, investing constantly in R&D&I and using the most advanced manufacturing methods. Saloni Ceramica produces a wide range of white body, porcelain, coloured body and technical porcelain ceramic flooring and tiling, so that customers can always find products that match their requirements.